Castles in the Cold

Castles in the Cold

Snowy Surprises: Tales of Winter Adventures

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If you think that planning a photography session guarantees everything will go according to plan, think again! In this post, I'll share a recent escapade that turned from potential disappointment into a delightful surprise.

Winter's Grand Entrance

The winter season kicked off with a spectacular display of steady snowfall along the northeast coast. Eager to capture the magic of the moment, I set out with high hopes and a camera in hand.

The night before, I diligently checked the forecast and set my alarm for an early start, aiming to capture inversions at sunrise. However, as I drove towards the target area, it became evident that the inversion I anticipated wasn't in place. Not to be deterred, I decided to shift gears and head to the coast for a sunrise shoot. Little did I know, Mother Nature had other plans.

Massive clouds, heavy with snow, dominated the coastal scene, dashing any hopes of a sunrise. Undeterred, I noticed some clouds had ventured inland, dropping flurries over the hills between Alnwick and Rothbury. Seizing the opportunity, I redirected my journey to Edlingham, where a 13th-century ruined castle awaited.

From Bust to Boon

The winter season kicked off with a spectacular display of steady snowfall along the northeast coast. Eager to capture the magic of the moment, I set out with high hopes and a camera in hand.

What could have been a disappointing morning turned into a photographic boon. Snow-laden clouds passed over Edlingham Castle, dusting the landscape with a light white frosting. Breaks in the clouds provided an ever-changing canvas of light and color, prompting me to experiment with shutter speeds to capture the delicate dance of falling snowflakes.

Photography Tips: Finding the Right Shutter Speed

Balancing the need for movement and detail, I found that a shutter speed of approximately 1/50th of a second worked best. This setting conveyed the sense of snowflakes in motion, adding a dynamic element to the winter scene.

Exploring Edlingham Castle

Edlingham Castle is a fascinating ruin.

The solar tower, with one wall cracked all the way to the ground and leaning over, added a touch of mystery to the scene and I couldn't help but wonder how long it would stand.
My original plans to photograph this place were centered around a spot of astrophotography so this was a great opportunity to explore the ruins off script and just, pardon the pun, chill with it.

Capturing the Moment:

In the quiet morning after a fresh snowfall, the rising sun illuminated breathtaking clouds over the sea. Eager to capture the spectacle, a detour along icy country roads revealed unexpected beauty – sunlight filtering through trees, casting enchanting highlights on a stile and signpost leading into a snow-covered field. Unable to resist, a quick stop resulted in a stunning photograph.

Discovering Hidden Gems:

While initially en route to the coast, serendipity took over. A spontaneous decision to explore the surroundings led to the discovery of Mitford Castle, a hidden gem cloaked in winter's embrace. The castle grounds, adorned with snow, presented a fairytale scene, complemented by the brickwork's warm hues against the snowy backdrop.

A Troll Bridge and Winter Wonderland:

Venturing further into the castle's grounds unveiled an unexpected delight – a charming troll bridge spanning a gentle burn encircling the castle mound. The juxtaposition of historical ruins and nature's wintry touch created a scene straight out of a fairytale, providing an opportunity for captivating and unique photographs.

Flexibility in Photography:

Mitford Castle stands as a testament to the importance of adaptability in landscape photography. By embracing spontaneity and being willing to change plans, I stumbled upon a day filled with unexpected beauty, reminding me of the endless wonders waiting to be captured when we open ourselves to the moment.

My journey to Mitford Castle became a tale of serendipity, showcasing the beauty that unfolds when we embrace the unexpected. As landscape photographers, let's remember that sometimes, the most remarkable scenes are found when we deviate from our planned path and let the beauty of nature guide our lenses. Join me in celebrating the magic of spontaneity and the wonders it can reveal in every frame.

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