Landscape Print – Searching For Mr Tumnus

Searching For Mr Tumnus

spellbinding snowfall forest photography

snow bonanza

Despite living in the north east of England, any decent winter snowfall such as this is often at a premium. But for a couple of days at the beginning of March, there was an absolute bonanza and I just had to head to the nearest forest to do some exploring. Ironically, had it not been for the volume of snow that fell overnight, I might never have got this shot...

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enchantment followed

The sheer volume of snow that fell overnight meant that all roads into Hamsterley Forest were blocked and entrances closed. Undeterred, I was determined to find a way in so I parked up on the verge of a country road near to a signpost indicating a public footpath into the forest.

Call it serendipity, call it luck, call it whatever, but this scene is what greeted me just a hundred yards or so down the trail. Deathly still with no other sound but the crunch of snow underfoot, I had the entire forest to myself. This was Narnia country with only sparse pockets of light penetrating the dense canopy of trees. Where the light fell, enchantment followed and this felt like one of those ocassions where I just wanted to put the camera away and soak up the atmosphere. It was simply breathtaking.

The early Spring sun was strong and outside of the forest, the snow was rapidly thawing in its warmth. Within the forest itself however, there was a marked temperature drop and this snow wasn't going anywhere. One of the best photography shoots I've ever had.

shot with:
  • Canon R6 + Canon L Series 24 - 105 IS USM @ 50mm | f/7.1 | 1/10 sec | ISO400

printed on:
  • Fotospeed Photo Smooth Pearl 290