Landscape Print – Serenity


morning mist over the sussex countryside

peaceful sunrise above the inversion

Never one to miss a morning mist event over the serene Sussex countryside, I once again headed to my favourite spot at Firle Beacon to hopefully catch another beautiful sunrise. I certainly wasn't disappointed...

Standard Edition

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A3(Printed Area – 257mm x 349mm)


serene scene

The sun rising above a morning mist inversion is always a beautiful sight but the moment of opportunity to photograph a scene like this can often be very fleeting. For example, once the sun has crested the horizon, a 'bleaching' effect often occurs where the mist no longer reflects the morning twilight but the direct glare of the sun instead. From there, even minimal diurnal heating will agitate the fog so that its no longer a graceful veil lying across the landscape but instead either evaporates off or becomes turbulent. And of course, the further the sun rises, the more the clouds lose their colour. I find the perfect time to capture morning mist inversions therefore is at dawn and in the brief moments just after sunrise when the scattered twilight and sunrise colours are enough to illuminate the tranquility of the scene.

Thankfully the conditions on this morning were just right and I was able to capture this gorgeous pastel sunrise as the village of Charleston was awash with ghosts. Scenes like this are so calm and peaceful; they really are worth rising early for and making the effort to sit and watch the world wake up.

Photographic print of a sunrise over a morning mist inversion in the English countryside.

shot with:
  • Canon 80D + Tamron 16 - 300 Di II VC PZD @ 35mm | f/7.1 | 1/6sec | ISO100

printed on:
  • Fotospeed Photo Smooth Pearl 290
  • Fotospeed Natural Soft Textured Bright White 315