Landscape Print – The Fallen Frame

The Fallen Frame

falls finally framed by the fallen

a natural framing

A dank and earthy, autumnal afternoon drew me to Summerhill Force as the thick morning fog began to disperse. The falls eventually revealed themselves beneath a weak sun, framed by the natural formation of the trees along the bank and the eventual, serendipitous felling of one particularly egregious bit of timber...

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falling into place

This is one of those shots I have always sought and Mother Nature has contrived to both provide and frustrate in equal measure... until recently. You see, if you stand in a certain, slightly precarious spot on the 'u-bend' of Bow Lee Beck, you get this view of the multi-tiered drop that leads right to the falls. There are multiple compositions to be had here with just a slight movement or a change of focal length. But, almost for as long as the falls themselves have existed, there has been a tree that has grown out of the side of the river bank and contorted itself over millenia so that it grew at an angle across the face of the falls.

Until recently. A month or so before this shot was taken, the tree finally accepted its fate, and no doubt the will of many a photographer, and finally succumbed to the elements. In doing so, it perfectly framed the falls of Summerhill Force.

This is an especially favourite spot of mine which I often return to and will no doubt do so many times in the future as I search for different lighting and different conditions.

shot with:
  • Canon R6 + Canon L Series 24 - 105 IS USM @ 100mm | f/7.1 | 0.3 sec | ISO100

printed on:
  • Fotospeed Photo Smooth Pearl 290
  • Fotospeed Natural Soft Textured Bright White 315