Landscape Print – The Lady In The Fog

The Lady in the Fog

the ruins of brighton's west pier shrouded in fog

decaying in the mist

I feel the decaying ruins of Brighton's ageing West Pier are the perfect subject matter to be paired with the melancholia of a thick sea fog and so when I woke one morning to find the entire seafront enshrouded, there was only one place I was going...

Standard Edition

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A3(Printed Area – 380mm x 233mm)


a grand ruin

Affectionately titled The Grand Old Lady, Brighton's decaying West Pier is a structural ruin on the south coast of England that has succumbed beyond repair to a combination of the elements, arson and subsequent sub-tropical storms since its closure in 1975. It has remained a focus of love and affection ever since and I'd long waited for the right foggy conditions to compliment the decaying remains of such an iconic structure. I wanted to create an image that evokes such a timeless feel appropriate to its grandeur, of a structure withstanding and succumbing to time and the elements in a battle where there is only ever going to be one winner. I wanted the superstructure of the pier to loom large and imposing in the frame, like a ghost ship, which left me with the decision of whether or not to show a calm, flat sea surface or include any of the small waves. In the end I got lucky with this one large wave and decided to show that time and tide marches on and waits for none.

This is the 2nd print on my website to feature the West Pier, the other being Low Tide Lowry, and also features in my Lightning Gallery.

The West Pier in Brighton shrouded in thick fog

shot with:
  • Canon 80D + Tamron 16 - 300 Di II VC PZD @ 80mm | f8 | 1/160sec | ISO100

printed on:
  • Fotospeed Photo Smooth Pearl 290
  • Fotospeed Natural Soft Textured Bright White 315