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Landscape Photography Review 2023

Landscape Photography Review 2023 looking back at my year in photography Hey everyone! How’s it going? As I review my landscape photography of the admittedly doleful year that was 2023, I’m compelled to ask myself 2 questions… Where have I come from? and Where am I going? I suppose I could then also add a third question to that list which would be Where am I on my journey right now? But that question then begs a further two which […]

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Castles in the Cold

Castles in the Cold Snowy Surprises: Tales of Winter Adventures Hey everyone! How’s it going? If you think that planning a photography session guarantees everything will go according to plan, think again! In this post, I’ll share a recent escapade that turned from potential disappointment into a delightful surprise. Winter’s Grand Entrance The winter season kicked off with a spectacular display of steady snowfall along the northeast coast. Eager to capture the magic of the moment, I set out with […]

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In Search of Autumn (2023)

In Search of Autumn (2023) Capturing the beauty of a diverse season Hey everyone! How’s it going? Autumn surprised me this year. I was worried the constant gloom that has lingered throughout summer would prove similarly challenging during the autumn months. Instead, my photography journey turned out to be surprisingly diverse and full of vibrant moments. Whereas the conditions meant I didn’t get the morning mist and inversions I was hoping for, the lemons of gloom the weather threw at […]

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